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Packages on Shelves

Addressing the handling of hazardous materials requires compliance with a complex array of regulations (TDG, IATA, ICAO and IMDG) and the use of specialized technical facilities, operations and equipment to ensure safe and proper management.

The training consists of three mandatory elements:

  1. General familiarization training

  2. Function and job specific training and

  3. Safety training (what are dangerous goods, what are the hazards, how to recognize dangerous goods, how are dangerous goods identified, what do dangerous goods labels mean, what information is provided by the shipper on a dangerous goods document, what information is needed by a first responder in the event of an unintentional or imminent leakage, fire or explosion involving dangerous goods and their packages) as each of these elements relate to transport dangerous goods.

Length - 1/2 - 1 Day


Please contact us to discuss how we can customize the program to best suit your needs on site at your location or ours at

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