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The course and material provided is intended to support training delivered by DGC Training, and deals with the international transport of dangerous goods by marine vessel and, in Canada, the road and rail transport incident to international marine transport. This material and its accompanying training program do not address every possible circumstance or compliance requirement for international marine transport.

None of the contents of the material provided during the course may be used in place of or as a substitute for regulatory documents by anyone. All persons must refer to the actual and current legislation and regulations involved to ensure legal compliance.

This training course is for shore-side personnel in Canada only. It is not intended for training or other use in any other country.

The contents of this training material are based on simplified interpretation of the complex and detailed requirements of the:

  • federal Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act (as amended to training date)

  • federal Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations (as amended to training date)

  • IMDG Code (amendment 40-20)

Certificate Expiration: The TDG Training Certificate is valid for 3 years.

Length - 1/2 Day


Please contact us to discuss how we can customize the program to best suit your needs on site at your location or ours at

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