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With over 30 years of experience Dangerous Goods Control Logistics Inc. provides professional, comprehensive, and current Dangerous Goods shipping support.

We are the Dangerous Goods Consultants of choice in Southern Ontario. Specializing in preparing Dangerous Goods declarations, consulting, regulatory compliant packaging, on-site inspections and labeling we deliver Dangerous Goods shipping solutions to meet your specific needs.


Examples of Dangerous Goods needing certification for transport are lithium batteries, paint, perfume and vehicles to name a few.

We are certified to prepare and ship Dangerous Goods by air, ocean and road freight by keeping in compliance with the current IATA, IMDG and TDG regulations.

What are you shipping?

lithium batteries only

Contact for specific training

A variety of dg's

which mode of transport?

Road / Ocean Only


IATA Accredited Training for

Air Transport Dangerous Goods

What Our Clients Say

"Great Guys, Excellent knowledgeable work. Wouldn't be able to do my job properly without their guidance. The best option in YYZ by far."

- Martin Moore

"DGC Logistics was very helpful when I needed an urgent supply of labels for my Lithium Ion Battery air freight shipment and they also reviewed my documents. Very helpful, very patient. 100% recommendation!"

- Catherine Paterek

"DGC Logistics were amazing! They made shipping our motorcycles quick and painless!"

Melissa Rizzi

"DGC was an *immediate* help. After a very time-consuming (stressful) amount of trying to find answers on an airline's website and two of their departments, I was given DGC's number and had my question answered immediately. For questions that are highly specific, it is a big help to talk with someone who knows the industry, and (perhaps most importantly) seems like they really want to help.
DGC, again, thank-you."

- Caleb Pedosiuk

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